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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Thank you, and thank you...

... to Geoffrey Philp, for linking to the August CRB at his blog (this issue includes an interview with Geoffrey about literary blogging); and to Pamela Mordecai for a kind mention over at her blog. Pam's post, however, also contains some sad news: that Caribbean Writing Today, the online magazine edited by Wayne Brown in Jamaica, will soon be shutting down. There are few enough literary magazines in the Anglophone Caribbean as it is.

Finally, thanks as well to all the CRB readers who responded to our recent subscriptions drive. Every single subscription makes a big difference to a small magazine like the CRB. Our list has grown encouragingly over the last two months, but it needs to grow a lot more. So if you haven't pulled out your credit card or cheque book yet--take this for a not-so-gentle reminder. And if you'd prefer to buy your CRB from a local bookshop every three months, encourage your bookseller to contact us.

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Anonymous said...

Support, not sympathy, is what such publications need. Where is the reading public of the Caribbean?