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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Links, links, links

- Kwame Dawes has been blogging up a storm at Harriet, the Poetry Foundation blog, with posts on his English literature teachers at Jamaica College in the 1970s, promoting poetry and poets, the difference between being a poetry judge and a poetry editor, and the relationship between football and "the beginning of the development of [his] poetic heart".

- Nalo Hopkinson announces that she'll be downsizing her library via eBay--take a look at what she currently has on offer. (Nice chance for fans to acquire what collectors call association copies.)

- Andre Bagoo announces that he's saving the August CRB to read in bed on Sunday morning. He's also somewhere between the front and back covers of Zadie Smith's novel The Autograph Man.

- Marlon James asks 21 hard questions about blackness in America.

- Raymond Ramcharitar posts the title poem from his forthcoming book, American Fall.

- In the Jamaica Gleaner, Anthea McGibbon reviews the special Art Issue of the magazine The Jamaican.

- In the UK Guardian, MP Dave Lammy reviews Caryl Phillips's new book, Foreigners: Three English Lives.

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