Dear readers:
For our sixth anniversary in May 2010, The Caribbean Review of Books has launched a new website at www.caribbeanreviewofbooks.com. Antilles has now moved to www.caribbeanreviewofbooks.com/antilles — please update your bookmarks and RSS feed. If you link to Antilles from your own blog or website, please update that too!

Saturday 5 June 2010

Antilles has moved

Dear Antilles readers,

Since the relaunch of the CRB website in May 2010, Antilles has moved to a new location, and resumed (more or less) regular posting. Here’s the new address:


If you currently subscribe to our old RSS feed, please update the subscription to:




And now you can also follow us on Twitter:


Monday 22 March 2010

Yawning and stretching

Dear readers,

No, the CRB hasn't expired. We've been in a phase of aestivation, withdrawn from some metaphorical dry weather, and slowly rethinking our hows and whys.

The good news is that we're preparing to relaunch the magazine in May (our sixth anniversary), with a completely new website and our first online edition. More on that very soon.

Meanwhile, in the coming weeks the rusty wheels of Antilles will start turning again, and the CRB is also now on Twitter — check us there for updates on the magazine as we near the relaunch date, as well as news on Caribbean literature, art, and culture.