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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Not a blogger was stirring

Your Antilles blogger is not on vacation, dear readers. The opposite, rather: this last week I've been haunted by the ghosts of deadlines missed, and other year-end monsters. And much pre-occupied with CRB fundraising, to see the magazine through the next year, and also with Commonwealth Writers' Prize reading--there are dozens of books in my yet-to-read pile, and more to come. So now is perhaps the time to say, apologetically, that posting here at Antilles is likely to be sparse until we are over the brink and into 2009.

Naturally, if there is Truly Big News relating to Caribbean literature, I will rouse myself to report it; also before the year is out you can expect at least one more CRB subscription appeal. And on 31 December I will post the titles of the 2008 CRB books of the year. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear what Antilles readers think are the reading highlights of the past twelvemonth. Tell us in the comments below!