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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

"Even catfish shaved to meet him"

Anthony Joseph reading

UK-based Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph reading from his book The African Origins of UFOs at the Reader's Bookshop, St James, Port of Spain, 21 August, 2007. Photo by Georgia Popplewell. For more photos from the event, see this Flickr set

Joe Sam was so bad even catfish shaved to meet him: a man so fierce he wore his boots in-side-out. African spaceboots, Nigerians used them for terraforming; Joe Sam used his to kick afro saxons and smuggled his black butter irregardless. Bad like crab an' spoken of with contempt in multiple dialects of intergalactic niggaspeak, banned from six floating isles for ultraviolence, subversive texts and possession of genetic contraband, upright and devious with a stare that saw through bones--his instantaneous cuss was so cantankerous it would cause concussions!

-- From "Killer Joe", chapter four of The African Origins of UFOs

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