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Friday, 24 October 2008

"It started with a deep deep longing for home"

C.D. Valere of the Signifyn' Guyana blog

Many Antilles readers are also followers of Signifyin' Guyana, the literary blog written by C.D. Valere (Charmaine to her friends), covering books and writers from Guyana and the wider Caribbean. I recently interviewed Charmaine, and our conversation is posted over at Global Voices today.

Nicholas Laughlin: The obvious first question: why did you start blogging? What was your original goal?

Charmaine Valere: It started (no kidding) with a deep deep longing for home. As simple as that.... I got this wild idea to start a one-woman writing blitz on as many Guyanese writers and books I could get my hands on. And the idea for the blog was born....

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