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Monday, 25 August 2008

Georgetown journal, part 3

Much to report, dear readers, on the last two days of Carifesta--highlights include a public sparring-match between Derek Walcott and Guyanese President Bharath Jagdeo--but first I want to share some disturbing news. The Living Guyana blog is reporting that journalist Neil Marks of the Guyana Times has been fired after writing a report critical of the Carifesta opening ceremony:

Security were called in to remove Marks from the Guyana Times offices yesterday and that he was prevented from accessing his assigned computer.

Living Guyana suggests this was the result of the newspaper proprietor's connections with the PPP government. I haven't read the article by Marks that supposedly got him dismissed, but I'm shocked at the idea of cultural commentary being silenced in this way. I'm trying to get more details of the case, and I hope that the regional press covering Carifesta will ask some hard questions of the Guyana Times.


My Chutney Garden said...
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My Chutney Garden said...

The comment under the post in the Living Guyana post is alarming enough. Georgetown is stranger than fiction.
Take care,

FSJL said...

Good grief. As you Trinis say, same khaki socks.