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Friday, 2 May 2008

A year of Antilles

It's been a year, dear readers--a year today since Antilles was launched as the CRB blog. Your humble blogger has not always been as regular or as prolific as he'd like--magazine production schedules and travel often get in the way--but I'd like to think that over the past twelve months I've done at least a half-decent job of providing news of the Caribbean literary scene and supplementing the coverage of the print magazine. Along the way I've managed to interview a couple of writers (look out for more interviews in coming months) and file reports from Calabash 2007 (I'll be at Calabash again this year, doing the same), and otherwise tried to make Antilles a sort of portal for literary websites, writers' blogs, reviews of Caribbean books from all over the world, etc. I'm afraid I can't promise to be more regular or more prolific during the year ahead, but I do have a few possible innovations up my sleeve....

(One of which is the Antilles book of the month: see immediately above.)

And many thanks to all of you, Antilles readers, especially those who over the last year have livened the blog with your comments--whether those took the form of questions, suggestions, criticisms, or adulations.

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