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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Links, links, links

- Geoffrey Philp explains "The Top Ten Things Every Writer Should Know". I'm particularly keen on number 6: "Read!"

- Ian McDonald muses (in last Sunday's Stabroek News over "losing the art of waiting awhile":

Consider the joy of writing and receiving letters. Delay is an essential ingredient in the pleasure of correspondence. "Must do" turns into the relished achievement of "just done" and then you have the added pleasure of anticipating a reply. "The sending of a letter constitutes a magical grasp upon the future," Iris Murdoch wrote. But that old magic has been completely destroyed by the fax and the e-mail.

- A.A. Fenty reflects (in today's Stabroek) on the news that Carifesta 2008 is going to Guyana.

- And Nalo Hopkinson offers a recipe for a writerly (and delicious-sounding) dinner. It begins: "In a big salad bowl, put mache (lamb's lettuce), chunks of zaboca pear, chunks of fresh ruby red grapefruit (any colour grapefruit will do. This just looks pleasing with the greens), parsley, some fresh grated ginger, and slivered almonds...."

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Mr Philps opines: "As you grow in this vocation, you will find that you are involved in a process similar to alchemy—a burning away of the droll (sic), useless parts of your personality in favor of a more refined, honed craftsmanship."
This is, to put it as politely as I can, poppycock.
Anyway I'm trying to cultivate the droll, useless parts of my personality, partly because those are the best bits and partly because I don't want to end up as pompous as he makes himself sound.