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Saturday, 7 July 2007

"I started writing poetry to become a better fiction writer"

Kei Miller reading

Jamaican writer Kei Miller at the Reader's Bookshop, Port of Spain, Wednesday 4 July, 2007. Photograph by Georgia Popplewell

Those of you, dear readers, who missed Kei Miller's reading hosted by the CRB and the Reader's Bookshop last Wednesday evening in Port of Spain can hear Kei read two poems from his forthcoming book ("For the Girl Who Died by Dancing" and "In Praise of the Contribution of Pots"), and answer a few questions about his work, in the Caribbean Free Radio podcast I recorded with him yesterday, produced by CFR's Georgia Popplewell. (See more photographs from Kei's reading on Wednesday, also by Georgia, at Flickr.)

There Is an Anger That Moves, Kei Miller's second book of poems, will be published by Carcanet in October 2007. In early May, he did an online interview for Antilles.

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