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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Weekend links

- In the Stabroek News, Ian McDonald asks and tries to answer the question, what is a good education?

- The Jamaica Gleaner Arts and Leisure section includes Mary Hanna's review of Kenneth Bilby's True-Born Maroons, and "Friday", a short story by Melissa McKenzie. Meanwhile, the Jamaica Observer announces the new Kingston Edge Urban Arts Festival (which somehow has the acronym KOTE), which opens on 22 June.

- In the New York Times Book Review, Jamaican novelist and sociologist Orlando Patterson reviews a new biography of Clarence Thomas.

- In the Indian newsweekly Tehelka, Sankarshan Thakur reports on the recent Tehelka Challenge of India Summit, where one of the key speakers was V.S. Naipaul, who apparently is at work on his fourth book about India:

Casting an eye on the sweep of his India work--from An Area of Darkness to A Wounded Civilisation to A Million Mutinies Now--he said India was indeed in the grip of momentous changes. But--and here came the firm caution from the ageing guru--the important thing is to constantly observe and examine the change, not to be hurriedly critical of it, or things that it brings along.

- And Nalo Hopkinson likes Lisa Allen-Agostini's review of The New Moon's Arms in the May CRB.

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