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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Links, links, links

- At the ART:Jamaica blog, a review (anonymous) of the 2007 final-year show at the Edna Manley College in Kingston.

- In the Stabroek News, an essay by Atticus De Caires Narain on the decline of old-time cinemas in Guyana, and a report by Al Creighton on the launch of two new books: Egbert Martin's Selected Poems, ed. David Dabydeen, and The Berbice Uprising, by Anna Benjamin. (Read a poem by Egbert Martin, a.k.a. "Leo", in an earlier Antilles post.)

- Kwame Dawes on his early writing motto: "all memory is fiction".

- At the Caribbean Beat blog, the schedule of Caribe Cinema, a mini-film festival that opens next month at the British Museum, featuring films by Perry Henzell and Yao Ramesar.

- And, finally, Reuters reporter Ian Simpson interviews V.S. Naipaul, in Italy for the Milanesiana cultural festival. Inter alia, he mentions his forthcoming book, A Writer's People; describes his current working schedule ("One sleeps a lot more, one gets tired, so days become shorter"); and comments on the suggestion that Tony Blair be given a copy of A House for Mr Biswas as a farewell present:

"He wouldn't get on with it, he wouldn't get on with it, no. It requires attention, and it's a long book and he'd really be happy with something shorter."

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