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Monday, 4 June 2007

Last taste of Calabash

Is it really a whole week, dear readers, since I returned from Jamaica and the Calabash International Literary Festival? Here's a final roundup of Calabash 2007 coverage:

- Kwame Dawes, one of the three Calabash principals (with Colin Channer and Justine Henzell), has written a detailed account of this year's festival in a series of posts over at Harriet, the Poetry Foundation blog: arrival, day one, day two, and day three.

- At the UK Guardian books blog, Toby Lichtig writes about experiencing what he calls "a literary festival with a different flavour" (that flavour was rum punch and conch stew, from the sound of it).

- The Jamaican newspapers have understandably been full of Calabash coverage over the last week. Today in the Observer Tyrone S. Reid interviews Justine Henzell, and is bowled over by her charm.

- And the young Jamaican photographer Varun Baker has posted his Calabash photos at Flickr, joining the excellent selection already posted by Georgia Popplewell.

If I've missed any interesting Calabash coverage, either in blogs or in the mainstream media, I'd love to know. Please leave links in the comments below.

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