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Friday, 25 May 2007

"Life's distracting noises"

“I have no time fer mock sentiment,” Mavis says, and that’s true of Mr. John’s play too. The director, Shirley Parkinson Wright, obviously loves and understands this material, its humor and hardheadedness, and she makes the most of limited resources. The single set (by Ademola Olugebefola) of ramshackle houses arrayed across the narrow stage is colorful and claustrophobic, and Ms. Wright fills it with life’s distracting noise: songs, children’s rhymes (“One, two, three, Mother catch a flea”), whistling, the calls of ice and fish vendors and angry shouting.

-- From Rachel Saltz's review, in yesterday's New York Times, of the Caribbean American Repertory Theatre's production of Errol John's Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, currently playing in New York.

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