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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Caribbean lit links roundup

• At the Poetry Foundation blog, Harriet, Kwame Dawes recalls how he learned to love reciting poems out loud, and the importance of performance:

I am trying to replicate the spirit of those memories of how I first encountered the spoken word every time I face an audience.

• At Global Voices, Jonathan Ali summarises blog coverage of V.S. Naipaul's recent visit to Trinidad:

Those who did blog had mixed feelings about the visit, and in particular, the actions of Naipaul’s wife, Lady Nadira Naipaul.

• mediabistro.com's GalleyCat blog announces the names of some of the authors who will appear at this year's Brooklyn Book Festival in September, including Colin Channer and Staceyann Chin (both Jamaica-born).

• In a post called "5 Ways to Become a Major Poet or Problogger", Geoffrey Philp argues that the roads to success as a poet and as a blogger follow parallel routes.

• And, inspired by my "Bedside books" post of the day before yesterday, Imani of The Books of My Numberless Dreams says some very nice things about Antilles, and posts her own list of "Books by my (bed)side", from Homer to Hamlet to David Sedaris:

I often literally sleep with books or journals. Sometimes it is too much effort to turn over and place them on top of precarious table piles so I simply push them aside and fall asleep.

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