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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Caribbean lit links

- Over at his blog, my colleague Jeremy Taylor describes the feeling of "book fatigue"--"So many books I've started in the last few weeks, only to abandon them after a few chapters or pages, or skim through them impatient to get to the end!"--then lists the handful of books that have managed to hold his interest in recent months.

- And over at his blog, Marlon James writes an impassioned post about "the white man in Africa", inspired in part by Peter Godwin's book When the Crocodile Eats the Sun.

The Godwins may have been after all, good people trying to live, making a home where they had hung their hat. But a part of me will always see them as interlopers and if they did not risk anything to make Africans’ lives better then they were silent participants in making it worse. Why should I care about another story that tries to make the white experience in Africa compelling?

- In the Jamaica Gleaner, Mel Cooke reports on the opening night of Calabash, with a review of Roger Guenveur Smith's Who Killed Bob Marley?--as well as the Saturday night party.

- In last Sunday's Stabroek News, Al Creighton writes about the anthology of Guyanese poetry edited by A.J. Seymour and published as a special issue of Kyk-over-Al in 1954.

- And last weekend's Guardian Review publishes Derek Walcott's lovely early poem "Prelude", well known to readers in the Caribbean but perhaps less so to those elsewhere.

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